Autumn 2016 in pictures

It’s been a glorious autumn this year. For the first time since moving here, we’ve been able to see the trees turn before dropping their leaves, and it’s been truly magical. We’ve also been blessed with some lovely sunrises and sunsets. Here’s a little taster.

Happy Autumn. Fingers crossed winter will be as kind.

Summer successes in the gardenĀ 

To continue my little flurry of activity you’re currently experiencing on WordPress, I thought I’d share some of garden pictures from this summer.  As you can imagine the garden has suffered from neglect this year as our focus has been on the cottage, but I have managed to mostly win the war of the weeds, except maybe in the vegetable patch!  

When we uncovered the plastic sheeting to reveal the bare soil in the newly created vegetable beds, I decided it may benefit from some chicken manure, and to be honest I needed to shift some of it! So I happily spread it on, nice and thickly to ensure I gave the worms a good feed.  Unfortunately in my eagerness, I forgot one rather large thing…… Chickens and ducks eat seeds it would appear, and they must be particularly fond of buttercups! Well, who can blame them really, they are very pretty.  But sadly, as I didn’t leave my compost to ‘mature’ properly, I am now growing the world largest buttercups in my vegetable garden too, along with the odd pea or spinach!! Never mind, another valuable lesson has been learned, and I shall not been so impatient next time!!  

As promised, here are some pictures of my garden favourites so far this year. Enjoy. X

i do love aquilegia’s
the ammi majus are stunning this year!
this is a new rose I purchased
you can never have too many aquilegias in my opinion
this is my thilactrum aquilegiifolium
i bought this astrantia with me when we moved here, i think it approves.
an unusual double form of rannunculus acontifolium
i love the erigeron/forget-me-not combination
i cant remember the name of this geranium, but its a real champion the garden
another old rose
erigeron flowering it socks off
the foxgloves have been show stoppers this year
the lovely omphalodes
this little beauty is gypsophilia kermasina . i shall be growing this again next year
sweet pea ‘Lord Nelson’
a new geranium