Bumble the Beagle

This is Bee or Bumble. She celebrated her second birthday last week and is the silliest dog around. She thinks she is part human, part mountain goat. Her favourite things include tennis balls, sleeping, food and chasing Austin the cat (not necessarily in that order).

She also loves exploring and getting herself into scrapes that we have to save her from. She gets stuck in hedges and streams, we’ve lost her in the Galloway forest for over an hour and she is always on the look our for new scents to follow. She loves frolicking in our overgrown paddock and is often seen leaping through the long grass trying to pounce on the field mice.

She will feature heavily in this blog because she is the centre of our universe., and hopefully you will grow to love her as much as we do.


4 thoughts on “Bumble the Beagle

      1. I’m a bit unsure, we’ve never had a dog before and I’ve heard people say beagles aren’t good for first timers. At this point I’m so dog broody I’d go for pretty much anything though!


      2. They’re a handful, there’s no doubt, but if you can put the work in they will reward you. I would be a little wary if it was my first dog, there are other breeds out there that are much easier. I guess though it’s personal choice really. Good luck.


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