The cottage

Morganwg is a beautiful little stone and slate cottage, nestled on the side of a hill surrounded by an acre of mixed woodland. Our south facing position means that we enjoy a warm eco climate around the cottage which so far has been frost free. Our position within the small valley means we are protected from all winds except the westerly’s, which bring with them lots of rain.

The cottage has been restored previously, many years ago, but with cement render and concrete plaster – so the house can no longer breathe and as we have several natural springs near the cottage the walls have slowly been drinking up the water and it has collected within the walls with no means of escape. We thought about ripping it all off and starting again, but time and money means we shall have to repair as and when required with lime products to enable the walls to breath.

The cottage is very modest consisting of a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and storeroom downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs. It’s full of character -heating and hot water are provided courtesy of the two wood burners, the walls are around two foot thick and white washed, small windows allow just enough light in – it’s a real chocolate box cottage (in my opinion, but I may be bias). We have recently managed to source a Rayburn from a neighbour up the road, that we hope to install which will provide central heating, hot water and cooking. We’re also having the two external doors replaced with handmade hardwood doors which should be with us by Mid July. The last major work we have planned for now is the bathroom roof. It is an old storeroom on the side of the house that has been converted. At present, it has no flashing, no insulation and no heating in there. We hope to insulate the roof ourselves and have been shown how to do this. Once the Rayburn is in we can have a radiator in there and it should become the sanctuary that a bathroom should be.

We’re hoping the cottage will become a cosy sanctuary, so follow me as we transform Morganwg.


5 thoughts on “The cottage

      1. Hi Hannah
        Your new life looks lovely. What animals are you hoping to get?
        (Sorry I have lots of questions I just think it’s v exciting) x


      2. Hi Aminta, don’t worry about questions, they’re good. We’re hoping to get ducks and pigs quite soon. We need to register as a smallholding before we can get the pigs, which were in the process of doing. Eventually we’d like to have chickens, goats and sheep too. Unfortunately there is a lot of work to do before we can have the animals – the grass needs clearing of weeds (several are poisonous to livestock), and we need to get suitable fencing and of course they all need a house to live in. Rob is busy building the duck house as we speak – there should be a page on here called the duck house where I’ve posted some photos of its progress. Thanks for following.


  1. All fantastic and very beautiful and I hope your dreams become even more of a reality in the years ahead. Bummy Beagle looks as scrummy as ever!!! XX


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