The Garden

2014 – The garden that surrounds the cottage is mostly overgrown at present, but I have managed to clear a couple of beds. One of the beds I’m particularly proud of is the ‘white’ bed, so name because as you can guess all the flowers are white. I thought it would be really nice to have a bed that only consisted of one colour and as it is mostly in shade the white really stands out. Obviously, at only a few weeks old the bed has some growing and maturing to do, but I’m very pleased with it so far.




4 thoughts on “The Garden

  1. Looks great so far 🙂 Have you got any woodruff in there? It grows really well in the shade and has white flowers.


    1. Hi there diggingforsanity. Good idea, woodruff would be perfect, thanks for the tip. I’m really enjoying finding new plants to try. I’m a cottage garden girl at heart, so a shade garden is a new concept for me. I’m planning to have my cottage garden as part of the veg patch – I can’t do without my cottage garden plants, I love using them for cut flowers. But that will have to wait till next year.


      1. I love cottage gardens too, they hide the weeds so well 😉 I’m just filling a shady part of my garden. It’s also pretty boggy so I’m just stuffing it full of primulas and astilbes.


      2. Hostas will do well there too I think, if the slugs don’t get to them first. I’m very lucky here as it’s a mature wood, the soil is beautiful (once you’ve tackled the 10ft brambles!), it’s almost pure leaf mould.


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