The Cows Arrive

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What a day! We’ve been expecting the nearby farmer to move his cows onto our field for a couple of months now, and today they finally arrived.  It was very exciting,  they have been grazing just up the road so the farmer called them and they came trotting down the lane and followed him round and down our driveway and into the field, simple as that.  One of them didn’t look very keen about going down the drive and decided to take a bite of the weeds on the verge, but after some gentle persuasion she trotted on down with the others. They will be will us for about a month apparently, by which time we hope the field will be looking much better for it.

They seem to be settling in very well – we did think we’d lost them at one point but they were spotted drinking down at the stream (the brambles are so tall now they were hidden).   They have made a real difference already, it’s feels right to have animals grazing in the field.  It had almost looked like something was missing until they arrived.  Now the field looks complete.  I’m sure there will be lots more photo’s of the cows so keep an eye out. 

14th June Update – The cows have been in the field for six days today, and boy have they made short work of that long grass! I’ll try and upload a photo later, but we are really pleased with how much they’ve munched they’re way through in such a short space of time.

Although we’re pretty much leaving them to it, when we do go down and see them they come running up to the fence which splits the field into two and love getting fussed. They are quite lively sometimes too and often barge into each other and frollock around the field as though they are playing.

The farmer said that they will be here for about a month before he moves them back to the field they were in before and then they’ll come back again. They rotate the cows a lot here, we’ve never noticed it before, although it’s more crop farming where we used to live. But when they are moved you can really see how much the grass has suffered having them on there, it’s all brown. It takes a good couples of weeks to recover before it’s looking lush and green again. The farmer also said he would top our field when the cows are off. I think this means he’ll go round with a lawnmower attachment on his tractor and cut all the weeds and reeds down. The neighbour added that the cattle will probably eat this when they come back in, which is great cos it means we get the field cut and the cows get extra food! Hopefully the cows will nibble on any new weed growth too, keeping them at bay.

There is so much to learn about farming, and so much you notice when your living in the middle of it all. They’ve been busy with silage again this week, which is lovely because you can hear the dull hum of the tractors working on the fields in the evening.


4 thoughts on “The Cows Arrive

  1. I’m new to the blogging world but I’m so pleased I stumbled upon your blog, it’s lovely to read someone else’s smallholding tales as I hope to have my own one day too. Great blog and very excited to hear more! Good luck! 🙂


    1. Welcome to my blog 2tort. I’ve been a bit quiet on here of late, but that’s because we’ve been very busy in the house. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get a chance to reveal all. I hope you enjoy following me.


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