The Oak Beam

I have been reminded that I forgot to mention the finding of the beam! How could I forget?? Our very friendly fire man told us about a reclamation yard, not far from home. We ventured up there one Saturday morning and we both instantly felt like kids in a sweet shop! There was so much stuff. Enough slates to roof a cathedral, chimney pots, old wooden and iron gates, agricultural bits, water troughs, church pews, and I mustn’t forget Monty the dog! Anyway, I’m digressing we asked about Oak beams and he pointed us in the direction of a pile of old planks.

I was very unimpressed, I have to say. They were filthy, rotten and didn’t look much at all. To my relief we realised that we’d been a little eager to get down there as we forgot to measure the fireplaces! Doh! So we retreated back home chattering away about all the lovely things we’d seen. I was quite miffed at myself for not being able to see what the beams could become, usually I’m quite good at envisaging how things will turn out. But all I could see was wood worm, dirt and rotten wood.

The following weekend we trotted back armed with a tape measure and measurements of the fireplace. This time I looked at them closely and began to see their potential – it was hard, but there was a glimmer of what could be in one of them. The owner got in his fork lift truck and lowered a pile of beams down to the ground for us to look at. I still wasn’t impressed, but my other half was getting very excited about one particularly dirty piece of Oak. I lost leave of my senses and decided to trust him, as he could clearly see something other than the dirty old plank that lay before me. We agreed a price and the owner said he would deliver it that afternoon.

As soon as it arrived home, he set to work with the jet wash, then the sander. Before too long, I started to see a little bit of loveliness in that old beam and the more he worked on it, the more I could see. It took my other, better half, two days to clean, sand and wax that beam. Boy does it look good now!

In our excitement we’ve forgotten where the man from the reclamation yard said it had come from. I thought he said a school, but he says it was an house, so who knows. I do know it’s got a new home now and it’s looking great!


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