Friday Surprises on the Smallholding

Hello everyone.

I was driving home this evening feeling particularly pleased it was Friday, and thinking of writing a little post on my blog wishing you all a happy weekend. As I passed my neighbours house I slowed down to say hello and she told me there was a lovely surprise waiting for me when I got home! So of course I dashed home, all of about 500 yards down the lane. As I got home I was greeted by the now commonplace mayhem of a tractor waiting to pass a car up the lane. I waited patiently as the tractor passed the car and then me before parking up.

I was greeted by a clean house and a cup of tea (I’m very lucky) and then advised to change my shoes for boots and escorted back outside with cuppa in hand……………

I was lead through our gate across the lane and down into the field. What a nice surprise awaited……… The field has finally been topped! Now I know some of you are probably thinking what? Or so what? But honestly, the field looks twice the size and it now looks like a proper field, not just a mass of brambles and reeds.


This is the field not long after we’d moved in. And look at it now.


I can’t believe the difference! I’m so pleased.

Apparently it took the farmer about an hour to do it. It would have taken us weeks. Our field is almost as good as the neighbouring ones now.

Obviously the weeds will grow back, but the cows will be back in soon and they will keep the weeds down, so hopefully by next summer we’ll have a lovely lush green field – just how it used to be and how it should be.


Hopefully you’ll agree it looks fantastic! Mr Bumbleandme said the buzzards have been having a field day with all the now homeless mice. He said they were like seagulls behind the tractor waiting for the mice to jump out. Even Austin the cat has chased a buzzard off the field his evening. He’s needs to watch out, a buzzard is a lot bigger than he.

So, this weekend we have a poultry auction nearby to attend. Purely to see what’s what and check out the equipment. We’re not going to buy ducks or chickens as the duck house has sprung a leak in the recent heavy rain and needs a little adapting before it’s ready. And there is the small matter of fencing to sort out. I hope your listening Mr Bumbleandme!! No chickens or ducks!! Then on Sunday there is an antique and flea market on at the local showground, so I thought I would treat myself and see if there are any bargains for the cottage.

Whatever you have planned, I hope your happy, safe and have a chance to rest. Take care all.


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