The Ducks Update

Evening all. We’ve had a busy day today. After realising the pasta bowls were not up to the job of holding water, we went to the local agricultural shop and bought a chicken feeder & water trough. Trouble is they wouldn’t fit in the crate and they were making an awful mess……..

So, Mr Bumbleandme has been busy this afternoon sorting out the leaky roof on the duck house and we’ve erected a very temporary fence around it so they can go out, supervised of course. We then laid fresh bedding and filled the feeder and water trough up. The duck house is ready.

We have just very carefully carried them down into the paddock, mum turned into an Indian Runner as we walked down the steep slope into the paddock, she could see freedom – space, fresh air, green grass! We then carefully, but to be honest rather awkwardly managed to get them into the duck house unscathed. There was a lot of flapping from them and us, but they’re in and they seem settled.

We’ll just have to see if they survive the night…… Not sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight for worrying about them.

The fencing is on order and should arrive on Tuesday so hopefully by the weekend they can have a big space to explore and mum can have a well deserved swim.




4 thoughts on “The Ducks Update

    1. Thanks. They are rather cute! Hopefully the ducklings are all girls so we can keep them for eggs. Apparently Khaki Campbell’s are very good layers! If they’re boys, then I’m afraid they will be for the table. Let’s hope they’re all girls. Mum is called Naomi (Campbell), although I much prefer Myrtle, or Jemima, so she may have changed her name by the end of the week.


      1. We did too for a while, but it doesn’t suit her. I’ve heard that about baking too and I love baking so can’t wait to try a chocolate sponge cake with duck eggs, baked in the Rayburn. In hungry just thinking about it.


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