The Ducklings Are Growing

It is with great pleasure I can announce that all four ducklings and mum, Myrtle are doing very well indeed.

There has been one escapee so far, who was safely reunited.

They’re housing is still a bit makeshift, in that the fencing isn’t up, so we’ve made a temporary enclosure for them out of chicken wire bits and bamboo canes. The trouble we have at the moment is getting the ducklings back in the house. Mum happily hops out and the ducklings follow, falling out of the house and then quite happily follow mum around. But after about five minutes mum jumps back in and the ducklings, unable to jump just walk the way she went, under the duck house! If you recall, the duck house is on a slope, so it’s quite a drop from the duck house entrance to ground level. When mum goes back inside pandemonium breaks out as they get separated. It’s utter chaos as they attempt to walk up the hill, bumping into the breeze blocks. Bless them. So at the moment we’re having to pick them up one by one and put them back. Needless to say mum hasn’t been out since Tuesday evening for fear of loosing them!

The great escape happened one lunchtime when Mr Bumbleandme let them out and the usual panic was ensuing. He was carefully putting them back one by one. I think it was the last duckling that found a flaw in our temporary fencing and made a bid for freedom. He ran downhill neck up high, chest out, flapping his little wings as fast as he could. Mr Bumbleandme had to run in front of him and usher him calmly back up towards the pen. Luckily he managed to catch him and reunite him with mum and siblings.

As you will see from the photo, they have grown loads and we believe we have two girls and two boys, although one of the boys may be a girl. We’ve seen on the net that you can tell by their tail. Ladies will hold their tail up and gents won’t.

I think you’ll agree they are very lovely and we’re feeling quite proud that we’ve managed to keep them alive for a whole week, being total novices. I’ll keep you posted on their progress.

Have a great day all. Enjoy the photo.




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