New doors arrive at the cottage

Good evening folks, sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here – we’ve been soo busy.

The Rayburn is fab – although we’ve only had it on a couple of times because it’s been so lovely and warm here.  We’re slowly getting to grips with cooking on it.  The radiators have also been installed, so when the Rayburn is fired up its toasty in the cottage!

But big news this week is the new doors that have been fitted – they look brilliant and will make such a difference this winter along with the other steps we’ve taken to getting this little bit of Wales toasty and warm this winter. I’ve been busy painting them this weekend while Mr Bumbleandme has been if fishing off the fencing for the duck enclosure – it’s looking like Buckingham palace! Can’t wait to take photos of them wandering around.

Anyway, I’ve digressed slightly, sorry.  The doors…

I would very much appreciate some comments because as I’ve been painting I’m unsure what to do with the door frames – should they be white of the same colour as the doors?? Having looked on the web it would appear the most popular is white, but why go with the crowd? I think they would look better white, but I’m not sure and would love to hear from anyone with an opinion to help us decide. I’ve posted some photos below so you can see what they look like.  It is only the first coat, so please   Ignore the patches.

The front door.
The front door.
The back door. I’ve always wanted a stable door!

One thought on “New doors arrive at the cottage

  1. The crisp white edge of the doors are looking very well. I wouldn’t paint it otherwise. You have made a good job of making the house winterproof. It’s a treat to read of your doings!


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