Update on the Cottage and the Ducks

Morning all, sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything. We’ve been busy finishing the duck enclosure, entertaining an endless stream of friends coming to visit and busy working.

The ducks are all doing fab, they’re fully grown now and it’s hard to tell Myrtle apart from the ducklings (still unnamed). They love being able to roam around in the ‘orchard’ foraging for bugs and particularly enjoy cabbage scraps.

We decided to try steps instead of the beautiful ramp that Mr Bumbleandme made for them, as they wouldn’t use it and we had to pick them up each night and put them in the duck house. This was causing them lots of stress and we didn’t want all the hassle of chasing them and putting them in ourselves for ever. So, I got some breeze blocks that we’re lying around and used some roof tiles to straighten it all up and they now have steps going up to the duck house, which they use! Hooray. I’m even more delighted to say that they put themselves to bed at night. We go down about six to feed them and they are all tucked up in the duck house quacking about when the humans are coming to feed them, and they get very excited when they hear us coming. The racket they make when we’ve shut them up at night is so funny to hear, listening to them eating their dinner – you’d think they’d never been fed.

Watching them come out in the morning is funny too. They haven’t master the art of hopping out, they seem to prefer to fall and sometimes roll a little down the hill. Very ungraceful, but highly amusing.

The cows are back in the field. Only three of them this time around as the others have had their calves. We keep waking up in the morning wondering if there will be a baby calf in the field, but not yet. The ducks don’t seem to mind they’re new neighbours, although the cows stare intently at the ducks when they are making a calamity, which is quite often.

Here is a photo of our first camping visitors. They made a really good job of setting up camp, it looks fab. The second photo is of the ‘orchard’, where the ducks live. I’m planning on getting some small bare root apples trees in the autumn to put in there, as I’d like it to be a meadow/orchard/duck enclosure. I’m probably wishing for way to much out of the space, but it’s worth a try.




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