The Ducks are Growing

I managed to get some half decent photos of the ducks at long last!

They are slowly beginning to warm to us. Sadly we haven’t been able to spend lots of time with them, so they are a bit warey of us still, but they are getting used to us.

We are pretty sure we’ve got two boys and two girls in the ducklings, as they’re beginning to show off their adult plumage now. The boys are much lighter than the girls and they have a black hood. We’ve also realised that the girls quack and the boys rasp.

One of the boys is destined for Northamptonshire where it will be swapped for a girl. I have a friend who hatched some khaki’s around the same time as ours and she wants to do some more breeding hut needs an unrelated male, so I said I’d happily swap – it saves him from the dinner table!

I’ve also discovered that they probably won’t start laying until they are around nine months old, so it’ll be the new year before we start to see eggs. Hopefully myrtle will start before then, but I’m still not sure what the eggs look like, so when I’m hunting around their pen, I’m not rally sure what I’m looking for!

We’ve been very fortunate to have some pond liner donated to us by a very kind old friend. We are desperate to make a start on the pond, ready for when the rain comes, and I keep being assured it will come and when it does it’ll be here until spring! Unfortunately though other things have to be done first, mostly tidying up the jobs we’ve finished.

It amazes me how much rubbish you accumulate from jobs. I cleared a border the other weekend and I’ve been left with a mountain of perennial weeds that needs burning. And we’ve had some building work done on the house and are left with another mountain of rubbish that needs sorting out. Never mind, we will get through various mountains and then we can start on the duck pond. The ducks are happy enough in their temporary (although becoming permanent) bath. They run to it in the morning and scrabble over who’s turn it is in there. Then they scurry around in the long grass looking for grubs.

They really are very entertaining. I sat and had coffee down there this morning and watched them whilst the cat sat on my lap, grabbing a bit of fuss when he can. It was very peaceful, listening to the birds and the farmers in the fields.

The cows are back in the field too, they arrived this morning. I was going to take a photo, but they had vanished into the undergrowth by the stream and I could hear them splashing about and occasionally see a brach moving vigorously.

Right, I’m off to burn the perennial weeds now! Happy Friday all, and have a good weekend.





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