Weekend Activity

It’s feeling like a productive weekend here in Wales.

The farmers are cutting the hedges and the farmer who grazes his cattle on our field has very kindly agreed to cut our hedges. They arrived this morning and we asked them to cut them nice and low for us. The previous owner apparently liked to keep them quite high.  Over time, the height of the hedge has pushed them down the hill they sit on and any snow on top would certainly compound this problem, so the hedge cutters have cut them nice and low for us!

It’s made a big difference in the lane, it looks much wider now, and there will be more light getting to the road too, which will be good In the winter when it’s icy.



Mr Bumbleandme is busy cleaning and sanding the facias on the house, ready for painting. He’s doing what he does best – making a right mess! He’s doing a very good job, so I shan’t complain on this occasion.

I’ve given the ducks a spring clean and am about to plant the many plants I’ve bought over the last few weeks. It’s surprising how many plants I’ve bought, especially considering I was planning on not buying any for a while!

I visited the cafe at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales the other day, which was conveniently situated by the garden centre. I obviously had to have a look and came away with some Monarda’s and a Geranium. The bees adore Monarda’s and the one I bought from our old house has done really well this year here. As for the geranium, well I’m a geraniumholic so I couldn’t resist! I also found myself in the local garden centre the other day and bought some pretty little white viola’s and a Pratia treadwellii (unfortunate name for such a pretty plant!). Both have little white flowers so they are destined for the white border. I’ve also discovered some lemon balm growing in a bed we cleared the other weekend, so I’ve potted some of that up to move. We’ve covered the bed in fabric membrane in an attempt to get rid of the weeds. Not sure it’ll work, but it’s a good start I think. Hopefully by the spring the weeds will have weakened enough that I can pull them out myself and clear them by hand.

We’ve also been busy in the veg patch. Mr Bumbleandme donned his protective gear and has sprayed the area. Unfortunately, it’s far too overgrown to try any other method. I’m not a fan of chemicals, but it was either us or the weeds! I’ve also purchased some mypex to out down once the weeds have died down. This can then stay down and I can build raised beds and oaths over the top of it, if I choose to. We’ve also been very lucky that a neighbour has sold us their old polytunnel, minus a plastic roof. Hopefully by the spring, we’ll be ready for planting some bits in the veg patch and the polytunnel will be ready for growing tomatoes and seedlings in.

The kittens have ventured out for the first time this morning. Dilys (who is actually a boy!) is showing very good hunting skills. He was running around looking for things to carry in his mouth and the longer he was out, the bigger the leaves and twigs got! Russ (who is actually a girl!) was just having fun chasing her brother and climbing trees! We would have left them out a bit longer if it wasn’t for the farm machinery up and and down the lane.



Have a good weekend everyone.


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