Looking For Spring

As Mr Bumbleandme both woke up this morning feeling very stiff and a little weary from our hard labour yesterday, I decided to give myself the day off and take the opportunity to look for spring in the wood. Armed with a cup of coffee, my iPad and two kittens in tow, I set off starting in the paddock.

I have to be honest, the paddock isn’t looking it’s best right now. It’s looking rather messy, but the animals liven the place up and remind us it’s a working environment and it isn’t meant to look pristine!  I found some bulbs coming up by the ditch that runs along the side the paddock, next to the duck enclosure.  This area will be lovely when we’ve cleared it.  There is a little waterfall at the edge of the road that brings the water from the wood, under the road and into the paddock.  The ditch then carries the water down the stream at the bottom of the paddock.  We used this water to fill the duck pond and have a small pipe running from it that tops up the duck pond and an overflow pipe takes the extra water from the pond to the ditch and down to the stream. The waterfall is sheltered by overhanging trees and it will make a beautiful, peaceful place to sit and rest one day.


The photo above shows the paddock from said ditch.  The ducks are in the foreground, the mountain of brambles waiting to be burned in the middle and the sheep can just be seen in the background.  As you can see from this photo the paddock is a little uninspiring at the moment.

My quest to find spring then took me into the wood.  It’s a great time of year to see what’s what in the wood, as everything is bear and the weeds have retreated to the relative warmth of the ground.  This means it’s easy to get around and see where the water from the springs flow through.  I would like to make a feature of the springs one day and create a stream through the wood by utilising the natural path of the water and creating a feature.  Where the stream runs is where the wild garlic flourish and it would be lovely to create and nice wetland area there.  There was little sign of spring in the wood until I reached the bottom where the snowdrops light up the wood in early spring.  Typically the shoots are coming up where we’ve created a path!

Spring in the wood
Spring in the wood

There were other signs of spring in the wood.  The honeysuckle that meanders up an old tree is showing new growth.  I don’t think its a wild honeysuckle as we’re told this part of the wood was once a delightful cottage garden and I suspect the is a surviving remnant of this.  It didn’t flower last year, but I live in hope that if we clear some of the canopy enough light will reach it and encourage some flowers.

We’ve also been hearing the kites in the wood and think they may be looking to nest there.  In the morning the kite is particularly noisy, and we see it circling the paddock.  We counted eleven kites last weekend all flying together in the valley, it was a sight to behold.

the kittens also enjoyed themselves so I had to take a shot or two them.



3 thoughts on “Looking For Spring

  1. It sounds like you have taken on a challenge very similar to me.. but you have ducks, which I would dearly love to have. The trouble is too many foxes prowl around here, even in broad daylight. One day..


    1. Hi Rusty duck. It does indeed sound like we have lots in common – we must be bonkers! We were planning to have chickens, but we came away from the poultry auction with ducks. We too have a fox, but so far the fencing we have is keeping him at bay. We are hoping to get chickens very soon. Good luck with your adventures. X

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