The chickens are out!

I was planning to clean the chickens out this morning, then make them a small enclosure within the duck enclosure, so the chickens and ducks could slowly get used to each other. However, Mr Bumbleandme had other, as usual slightly more realistic ideas! He just opened the door and let them out!

They were reluctant at first, but one of the Welsummer’s (who we think is boss) was poking her head out and then she gingerly stepped down the ramp and onto the grass. The others slowly followed.

It’s been snowing on and off here most of the morning, but they don’t seem bothered by it. They’ve been happily pecking away at the ground and getting used to their new surroundings. They’ve found the duck house, which they seem to love and when I left them, three of them were firmly making themselves at home in there! I’d managed to bribe one of Silkies out on a promise for some broccoli. Although she didn’t have it she ventured back over to the duck feed for some pellets and then had a wander around.

Austin the cat came to the fence to meet the chicken. There was a staring match and then the chicken just wandered off. No-one seemed very bothered. Austin wanted to go inside as he doesn’t like wet weather, and he’d been meowing at me for the last 20 minutes.

The big question is whether we’ll be able to get them back in their coop later or not. I’ve tried offering them food from my hand, but they are not interested. I guess I’ll just keep trying. We’d like to get them tamer than the ducks are. The ducks won’t come closer than about three feet. We made the mistake of not being around them much when they were little I think. They’re fine with us being in the enclosure and often come to nosey at what we’re doing, but if you walk towards they run off in the other direction. We’re determined not to let that be the case with chooks.

Any how’s, here are some photo’s I took this morning:



They are very lovely little things – I think we’re going to get quite fond of them.


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