What to do with all those eggs?

The chickens have been getting used to their new home and surroundings.  We’ve had them one month now and they seem to be very happy.

The chicken coop can be seen in the distance, at the bottom of the hill.  I’m not sure the coop is a particularly good one, but it’s certainly adequate for now.  

One of the Welsummers has taken the post of ‘chief’ and keeps everyone in check. She likes to sit on the gate and enjoys going for a wander around the outside of the duck enclosure.  This morning I thought we’d lost her.  When I came down to feed them, she was wandering around outside the enclosure.  I called her as I went in to feed the flock.  She however, decided to go for an adventure – into the willow field!

This is an acre field, owned by us, that was once a beautiful green oasis, where cows would chew the cud in the warm Welsh sunshine……. However, it is now sadly very overgrown,  the apple trees at the top of the field have been lost to a bramble jungle.  It took two of us an hour to walk down to the stream at the bottom of the field last year, wielding loppers, secatures and gloves! We are hoping to get some pigs to help us clear it, but this is definately a long term project.

I digress, sorry. So this little lady decided to hop up the bank and disappeared into the jungle that is the willow field. The kittens followed her. All I could hear was squawking and flapping.  I managed to get the kittens to come back to me, but the ‘chief’ was nowhere to be seen.  I caught sight of her and tried to lure her back with food, but the kittens came running over to feast on the chicken food and she disappeared into the thicket.

After about ten minutes of coaxing her, I decided to leave her to her own devices, and hope she found her own way back.  Thankfully, when I returned home a couple of hours later she was safe and sound in the enclosure wondering what all the fuss was.  A valuable lesson learnt by me today – leave the chickens to it, they will find there way home.

Later in the day, whilst I was cleaning the duck house out, the other Welsummer decided to help me out.  She made a nest in the corner where we’ve found eggs before, and she sat quietly watching me on my hands and knees cleaning the dirty sawdust out. 

After about five minutes she got up and jumped out, leaving behind a beautiful warm egg, nestled in the sawdust.

What makes this even more exciting, is that Mr Bumbleandme had uncovered five ducks and a chicken egg from the duck house just before I started cleaning it out.

So, what do you do with all those eggs? Make a chocolate Victoria sponge of course! 

The ducks are enjoying the company too, I would have taken some photo’s of them too, but they were too busy playing in the pond! 


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