We’ve Survived the First Year

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of our awfully big adventure. The memories of the move are still vivid and slightly traumatic. I remember driving to Wales with my car full of cleaning bits, the Hoover, the dog and the cat. Four and half hours it took to drive to our new house. I was terrified.  “What are we doing” was all I could think. 

The first night in the cottage was awful. It was so damp and cold, I didn’t think we’d ever be able to make it home. It was so cold, so so cold. The two wood burners that heated the house, didn’t do a good job. We only had some left over coal and damp logs for fuel. I remember making a mental note never, ever to look at a ‘project’ like this I the summer when it’s warm and dry and everything looks cosy and lovely.  

Thankfully over the last twelve months Mr Bumbleandme have most definately made this our forever home. We’ve worked like Trojans to get where we are now. With both of us working full time, we’ve only had the weekends and evenings to do things. Resting and days off have almost become a thing of the past. But, with a little bit of determination and lots of love we’re making headway. 

In the last twelve months our lives have changes immeasurably – for the better I think.  Mr Bumbleandme is now an expert log chopper, quad bike rider, poultry housing builder, duck pond builder, sheep herder, bramble crusader, and so much more. I am now kindling collector extraordinaire, chief French drain clearer, and I can finally light a jolly nice fire. 

We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s encouraging to know we’ve survived the first twelve months! 

Hopefully, the next twelve months will see the installs of the vegetable garden, some renovation to the internal walls and decorating, renovation of the summerhouse and the introduction of some more animals. 

It’s funny how a little thought that pops into your head one day becomes a reality without too much effort to make it happen.  If you really want something, you really can achieve it – it just takes a bit of courage. 


6 thoughts on “We’ve Survived the First Year

  1. Many congratulations.
    I think possibly we had a more comfortable start but we’ve certainly shared some of the same emotions. There is nothing like the sense of achievement when you can see the dream starting to come together and know that you’ve done it all through your own determination and effort.
    Spring is coming! Enjoy.


    1. Many thanks Rusty Duck! It’s a comfort knowing someone else is going/has been through similar. It’s a great boost seeing our hard work come together and gives us confidence to carry on. Take care. X


  2. Congratulations on the first year. We are currently fully immersed in the ‘and what do we do now?!’ stage and are lucky enough to have plenty of familial experience to guide us along so I can empathise with the doubts that can creep in! Looks like a great spot that you’ve found so well done for sticking with it. All the best for the year(s) to come.


    1. Thank you so much. We have indeed landed in a particularly beautiful part of Wales and feel very fortunate. I can’t wait for ‘and what do we do now stage!’….. although I suspect it’s a long way off. It’s very tempting to rush to get it all done, but we’ve decided to take our time and enjoy our surroundings too, as after all, that’s part of the reason for moving here. So this year were giving ourselves one weekend off a month to go off and enjoy ourselves. Best of luck with your ventures too. Take care.


  3. Congratulations! I’ve only discovered your blog a few weeks ago but have so enjoyed seeing your adventures. It’s lovely to see a dream-come-true in progress – best of luck with Year Two 🙂


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