It’s all go in the veggie patch!

It’s been a very productive weekend on the veggie patch.

With the polytunnel up and running, I’ve been busy sowing seeds. I like to sow Heritage/Heirloom seeds where I can, as it makes me feel like I’m doing my bit for conservation and sometimes they’re a bit weird and wonderful. Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, chillies are just some of the vegetables I’ve planted.

just some of the seeds in the polytunnel

I’ve had some potatoes chitting for a few weeks in the store room and they were ready to go in, so Mr Bumbleandme very kindly took the grass off an area for me and I dug and raked it, then popped the tatties in and covered them up!

tatties are in the ground!

Mr Bumbleandme also gladly made me compost bins out of pallets that have been littering the drive for months! And with the final pallet, he made me a fabulous potting bench! He’s so ingenious and very resourceful! 

compost bins – the chicken will love these


the fantastic potting bench! such a clever idea


the veggie patch is coming together


With one very productive weekend, it’s beginning to look like a veggie patch! I’ve still got more beds to dig, but I’ve got a few weeks while the seeds germinate. I’d also like to dig a bed for some annual flowers.  I’ve always wanted a cutting garden, and this year I might just get my wish! Well, if I get a move on! 


These strawberries have survived the move to Wales and a year in pots! They seem to appreciate the move into earth, as they’re flowering their socks off! I’ll have to make sure the chickens don’t get these!

Elsewhere in the garden, things are growing fast, the White garden has survived the winter and is coming up nicely.  I planted some white daffs in the autumn, and they’ve not disappointed! 

the white birder is emerging nicely
I’m in love with these daffs!

The wood is also a mass of colour.  The snowdrops swept through the wood earlier in the year and now the wild garlic and bluebells are emerging.  The bluebells are coming up where they haven’t been before.  It’s encouraging that the little work we’ve done in wood is allowing more light in and letting the lower canopy establish.  We’ve got umbels coming up and lots of red campion in the wood,  we don’t recall seeing much more than ferns and brambles last year, so this is great.  I’m hoping to grow some white foxgloves from seed and plant them in the wood to naturalise too, I think they will look beautiful.

The weather has been glorious the last few weeks and I think we’ve achieved a great deal.  The rain is set to arrive later this week and the newly planted veg will greatly appreciate it.

Happy gardening everyone! 


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