The garden in May 2015

Although I’m still battling with ever threat of world domination from the dreaded weeds that have engulfed our little bit of Wales, I am amazed to say that some areas are being restored back to garden.  I always imagine there was once a beautiful cottage garden engulfing the cottage.  I have no proof of this, but hope one day to create a mass of colour around the cottage.

Here are some of the highlights from the garden in May.



This geranium has gone mad. I had it in a pot about three years ago in our old house and bought it with us. I planted it out last year and it’s positively loving the Welsh air.  


I love alliums, and need many more. I planted these in the autumn and shall be planting lots more this autumn.

my favourite flower

Foxgloves have always been my favourite and this is another plant I bought with us.  The brighten up a dark corner.  I’m hoping to plant some in the wood one day.

a rannunculas

This little star also appears to adore it here, it’s been flowering it’s socks off for weeks now.  It’s currently the star of my white border.

the sweet scent of an old rose

This beauty is an old rose. I forget which one, but it has a delicate perfume and lovely flowers.  Another plant from the old house settling in nicely.  I prefer the old rose as its scent is usually much stronger and there is something very romantic about them which I can’t resist.

a white foxglove
another foxglove.

You can never have too many foxgloves in my opinion.


I love these dainty little plants. This didn’t flower last year when I bought it, but it’s certainly making up for it this year. 


Another cottage garden favourite.  This is the only one I have at the moment, but I’ve got some seedlings growing in the polytunnel for next year.



This handsome plant was here when we moved in. It dominates a little raised bed in front of the house.  Last year it grew to almost seven foot high, but didn’t flower.  I decided to cut it back in the autumn to see if it would encourage it a little. I’ve been rewarded with three beautiful flowers, the size of dinner plates! 

a peony with a view!



This sweet little thing is a tulip.  I wasn’t too keen on it when it first started flowering, but I’ve actually fallen in love. I’ve no idea what it’s called, but shall treasure it.

Elsewhere the polytunnel is buzzing with activity.  Cucumbers and tomatoes are in their final planters and doing well.  The dahlias are looking lovely and I’ll feel very chuffed if they actually flower.  I’ve also planted lots of biennials for the garden next year. These include rudbeckia, wallflowers, stocks, foxgloves.  I’m really looking forward to next year – hopefully I’ll have a garden full of colour! 

The veggie patch is doing well too.  I’ve been investigating easier ways to get vegetables and am trying out the no dig policy.  Last weekend I set about cutting up my mypex and staking it to the ground.  The plan is the grass and weeds underneath will die and mulch down by spring when I an simply lift the mypex and maybe do a little big of digging before planting my veg! How good will that be.  We’ll just have to wait and see. 


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