I forgot the bluebells!

I managed to forget to tell you about the bluebells! Oh my they’ve been amazing this year. We’ve slowly been clearing areas in the wood and have been rewarded with the most spectacular display of bluebells.  They’ve been coming up everywhere! 

There is an area behind the cottage where we had a couple of large trees taken down, as they were threatening the cottage.  Needless to say it’s let a lot of light into the wood, where it was previously heavily shaded by the trees. To keep costs down, the tree surgeons left the tree brash for us to clear up! This has been a monumental task. The little bluebells have been popping up through the fallen branches making clearing the branches almost impossible.  You see bluebell leaves are very slippy and when you consider the wood is on a very steep bank, the two make an interesting mix! Not for the faint hearted!

Anyway, I’ve digressed.  The bluebells! Wow.  Here are some pictures: 

bluebells and steep banks


another part of the wood adorned with blue


blue everywhere
blue blue everywhere


who knew blueblls were stripey?
bluebells after the rain

and a sea of wild garlic for good measure.

3 thoughts on “I forgot the bluebells!

    1. It seemed like a good idea at the time! When the branches are on the trees they don’t look like much, but boy when they’re all on the ground! There is sooo much! Good luck clearing yours! X


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