Feeding time at the zoo

feeding time with the ducks and chickens is always entertaining. 

It starts with the chickens racing us to where the feed is kept, then they follow us down to the enclosure through the veggie patch and patiently wait for us to open the gate, where they hop over the breeze blocks and into their enclosure.


Meanwhile, the ducks are going crazy, and we have to battle with them to open the gate! Once inside the chaos ensues! You have to tread very carefully so as not to tread on any claws. We make our way to the duck house and put a little bit of feed in their feeder. Then the ducks all hop up the steps and battle commences to get to the feeder.

Once they are away, the chickens get their food and so does Nemo (the duckling that thinks she’s a chicken!) she hasn’t got the hang of being a duck yet, so we feed her with the chickens then pick her up and put her in the duck house.  She’s very pretty and very friendly.  I just wish she realised she was a duck.

We tried to put her in the pond the other day, she quacked all the way to the other side, ran out and shook herself in disgust! Poor thing, she really does think she’s a chicken! 

The ducks looks very orderly In the picture below, but believe me they’re not! They’re very entertaining though. Since we’ve been hand feeding Nemo, we have also started hand feeding everyone else, which is great as we get to see them up close and personal.  If we’re lucky, they’ll even let us pick them once I a while. 



4 thoughts on “Feeding time at the zoo

  1. That’s quite a lovely menagerie of ducks (I’m sure menagerie is not the right term, oh well…) And those are very expectant faces – food must be on its way 🙂

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