Autumn Garden 2015

The garden is looking surprisingly good, so I thought I’d share it with you.

The cut flower patch just keeps going.  I plan to expand this next year, although I’m not sure what with yet.  
The anemone has finally flowered, it’s only taken two years! 
I’m loving my dahlia’s. They are so blowsy and gregarious! I just hope I can overwinter them correctly.


This little stunner is a perennial sunflower a neighbour gave to me. Although I’m not a big fan of yellow flowers in the summer, it’s rather lovely.  It’s going to be moved down to cut flower patch next year, as it’ll get full sun there and should be much happier.  
These are the stars of the garden this year, actaea racemosa and a hydrangea (unknown).  Although the actaea has dark leaves and stems, it’s very structural and the white candles of flowers shine in the shade. I shall definitely be getting more of these.


Helenium’s are new to me and this little stunner is in a pot by the front door doing it’s thing. Again, this will be moved down to the cut flower patch next year and I will be buying lots more.

This delicate little Dahlia is a late starter, and although it’s looking a bit tatty in this photo, it’s a beautiful flower.  I shall be giving my Dahlia’s a lot more room next year so hopefully they will grow much bigger and better, but they not done bad for their first year.

A whistle stop tour of the flowers. 


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