No time to rest 

There has been lots going on in our little cottage this summer.

We’ve been removing blown plaster from the bedroom and replacing it with a breathable lime mortar and then painting the walls with chalk paint.  This was by far the biggest lime mortar job to date, and Mr Bumbleandme is getting rather good at it.  
It’s was really interesting peeling back the layers, we found some four layers of wallpaper underneath a layer of plaster, and we even found several pockets of hair in some of the crevices. Some investigation suggests this may have been a tradition to welcome newcomers to the the house.  

I’ve salvaged what I can of the wallpapers, and plan to frame them somehow.  

peeling back the layers
the layers of wallpaper.
this one is my favourite

It’s a slow process, refilling the holes.  

the mortar is drying
the wet mortor is on the right

Where the holes were quite substantial Mr Bumbleandme utilised the plentiful supply of slate from the garden. We understand the cottage would have been built using slate and rubble found on site, and as we’re perched on the side of a slate hill, there would have been plenty of slate. One observation we made during this was that the external walls had far more slate in them than the chimney breast. We wondered if there was a reason for this, or if it was more to do with the fact that the chimney breast wall has seen more modifications/repairs over the years (you can see some of them from the first picture above).

Once the mortar was dry, some chalk paint was applied to the walls.  

We had pondered with lime plastering the walls, once the mortar was dry, but we really like the effect as it is. We will wait and see if we’ve lost any thermal properties by removing the modern plaster.  So far we’ve not noticed any difference and suspect that a dry, breathable wall with slightly less thermal properties is actually far better than a wet, non breathable and slightly insulated wall. Time will tell. If we noticed a stark difference we will lime plaster, but for now we’re happy with the finish.  

ta da! what do you think? we really love it.


6 thoughts on “No time to rest 

  1. You two are amazing! You are slowly but surely transforming your tumble-down cottage into a stunning home! Not to mention what you’re doing outside… 🙂 xx

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  2. You have been busy! It does look great. Your predecessors had better taste in wallpaper than ours did.
    The lime plasterers here asked me to find some broken up plant pots to bulk out the plaster where they needed a good depth of it. I may have fewer crocks to use in the future, but we too have added our little bit to the layers of the house. Fun isn’t it?

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    1. Thanks Jessica. I was slightly concerned at the size of some of the holes we created, but I was reminded how deep the walls are and reassured they wouldn’t collapse whilst we were waiting for them to be filled and dry out a bit. Thankfully they were fine! I’m amazed at the wallpaper taste, I would said they were incredibly grand for a house like this, especially in a bedroom, but it’s encouraging to know our predecessors had such good taste! It is enormous fun, if a little nerve wracking at times. X


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