Spring is in the air 2017

There’s are signs of spring everywhere…….

Earlier this year we had a large overgrown hedge cut back and laid.  This has allowed lots more light onto the road and has made passing much easier for the milk tankers that frequent the lane on a regular basis.  It has also enevitably allowed more light onto the grass verge, which has encourage snow drops, Celendine, cow parsley and bluebells to pop up all along the verge.

The view of our field from the road, and the rather bare looking hedge.
The verge adjacent to the wood, full of flowers.
More hedgerow loveliness
Have you seen a prettier verge?
The garden is also springing into action, and the Celendine are proving a bit of a nuisance, but along with many of the perennial weeds, they’re added to the hit list, and the battle is a long drawn out strategical process. 

The bank behind the house that was reclaimed early last year, has been overtaken by foxgloves and bluebells. I’m quite happy with this invasion! 

The bank is colouring up nicely.
The blue hew
The steps survived the winter

We’re also reclaiming a patch of ground by the house that was covered by a laurel tree when we moved in.  We’ve since cut the laurel back and it’s now a useful hedge, but between this hedge and the patio area by the back door there is a small area that we’ve not really done much with and being so close to the house, we need to make it nice. An added bonus is that the views across the valley are stunning and so Mr Bumbleandme is building a path that will go to a bench, where we can sit and enjoy the view, the peace and tranquility, and marvel at how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. We’ve scoured the land for pieces of slate which we’ve used to build raised beds alongside the path and I may have already bought/order too many plants to fill the new beds, even though they’re not quite ready!! It’s one of the few spots in the garden that pretty much gets sun all day too, so I can use it to house the sun loving plants.  Watch this space…

The path so far….
Meanwhile, elsewhere in the garden…..

More and more bluebells appear each year and the display just gets better
Just ignore the weeds….
The leave are slowly coming out in the wood
how did she sneak in?


4 thoughts on “Spring is in the air 2017

  1. Gosh you have worked hard and transformed your place into such a lovely home with a beautiful garden. My philosophy is that one can never have too many plants in a garden! Lots of plants in my garden were damaged by frost last week – good job I’m going shopping for more this week! I find that if I leave the celandine to flower in all their yellow loveliness they die off quite quickly and then I can just pull up all their dead foliage with ease. The path looks amazing and what a grand idea to use slate for raised beds.

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