We have blossom

The rediscovered apple trees in the Willow field (which I need to start calling the orchard!), have started to blossom! It was a hive of activity this afternoon when I went to investigate, bees were busy doing their thing. The trees I simply thinned are looking the best right now, but even those I pruned rather dramatically are showing good signs of regrowth, and I think they too will be looking fab by the end of the season, although at the expense of a harvest. The oak trees are also coming into leaf, which is great news.  Mr Bumbleandme really has done a brilliant job of clearing it all. 

Unfortunately, the weeds are also returning, but we knew that would happen and we have a plan to keep strimming them down this year, which will hopefully weaken them and allow the grass to return.

Here are some pictures, the light in there is really strange, so taking pictures of all the trees was really tricky, as the trees just looked bare! I think I need to try again early one morning, or late evening…. luckily close up shots worked quite well.


3 thoughts on “We have blossom

  1. Beautiful spring pictures. The war of the weeds is a never ending one also in our parts. Seens you did a good job of pruning. Also very nice to see how you are getting along.

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