The mini meadow

When we first moved here the area behind the garage in the field was destined to be my veggie patch.  Overgrown with brambles and being on a steep bank meant it was going to be a challenge, but I was determined to make it a lovely little potager with a picket fence and rows of raised beds running across the bank, it was going to be lovely.

Thankfully, I was persuaded to locate the veggie patch elsewhere on much flatter land (although not totally flat – I don’t think we own any flat land!).  So after I’d insisted Mr Bumbleandme strimmed and cleared the area, which was no easy task, it lay waiting patiently to be assigned a use for. 

In the meantime, the grasses and wild flowers grew……….

It’s rather lovely. 

There are quite a number of different flowers and grasses growing, all loved by bees, butterflies and other insects. So now it’s known as the mini meadow. I’m not sure it’s technically a meadow, but to the untrained eye, it resembles one. The newly laid hedge is growing back nicely too. Hopefully one day the orchard area in the Willow field will look like this.

The red campion is dominating this year


Home sweet home

I’ve realised I’ve not posted anything recently about the cottage, so here are some photos of our home.  It really does feel like home now too. The beautiful limestone floor has worn in beautifully and has made such a difference to the feel of the cottage. We’ve also painted the wooden cladding on the ceiling in the bedroom which makes it so much lighter.  One day we’ll get around to doing the same in the spare room. Although we’ve still got lots to do, we’re at a stage now where we are warm and comfortable, so the other renovations can afford to wait so we can turn our attention to outside.  

The living room
From the kitchen to the living room (we have now painted the bottom of the walls!)
another view of the living room

The bedroom

The back door

Home sweet home