NGS open Gardens – Gelli Uchaf

Mr Bumbleandme have enjoyed a week off work and although we’ve been busy doing things around the place here, we’ve found some time to be tourists in the local area.

To begin our holiday, we visited a beautiful NGS garden slightly north of us, over the Llanllwni mountains, sitting 800ft above sea level known as Gelli Uchaf.  It is a truely spectacular place, nestled high on a hillside.  The owners have worked tirelessly to transform a derilict Welsh longhouse and smallholding over many years. I thoroughly recommend a visit if you are in the neighbourhood, although you should visit their website The garden impressionists for more details. 

I stumbled across the garden in the June edition of Gardens Illustrated and spotted the last day the garden was open for this year was 28th May.  Only a small number of visitors are allowed to the garden at any one time, as parking and access are as expected when you live on the side of a very big hill, quite challenging! I decided to use the ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ approach and emailed to see if they had space on Sunday, apologising for the short notice. I was so delighted when they said we could come. 

We weren’t disappointed, it was a beautiful warm day, and the hosts were so welcoming and friendly, and a great source of knowledge on the gardening front. Here are a couple of pictures of the beautiful garden.

Jam packed, love it!
A lovely shaded area leading up to a lawned area.
This sea campion (on the left) is top of my list of plants to get!
I love this gate!
The view from the top of the meadow, with Gelli Uchaf just in view.
On the way back home, over the mountains.

It was a real treat to get out and about and meet some gardening experts, and I came home full of inspiration. 


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