Building bridges

Since the ditch was dug along the side of our main field, we’ve been using a pallet to access the Willow field/orchard. It’s fine if your on foot, but if your using machinery, it’s a little tricky…..but no more…..

The before photo (with a wind casualty, luckily missing the new fencing)

After months we finally got around to purchasing some agricultural drainage pipe and some loose aggregate and set to building our first bridge…………

A reminder…….. the ditch being dug.
Trust me the pipe is gigantic….
It may not look like much, but it’s so much better than a pallet

To my amazement, the water actually flows through

This now means we can get the flail mower into the field and tackle the weeds that are competing with the grass. The field in the distance in the photo above is our Willow/orchard field.  My Bumbleandme spent most weekends over this winter unveiling it as it was covered in eight foot or so high brambles, which covered the entire top half of the field.  He did an absolutely brilliant job. Once unearthed we found several apple trees and oak trees, but sadly no grass.  This year we’ve been trying keep the weeds down so the grass can grow back, it is working, but it’s a very slow process.

One more job off the list……….. several more added……..


2 thoughts on “Building bridges

  1. Great work! Before one embarks on garden renovation projects one plans to be happy and satisfied when orchards and flower/veggie beds are filled to flowing and looking beautiful but the reality is that one becomes overjoyed when water actually trickles through drainage pipes and ‘proper’ bridges are built …huge achievement and all looking good!

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