Summer garden 2017

The weeds have waged a war on me………… and they’re winning……….but a few of the garden plants are helping me out..

Here’s some of the stars from this year.

A rose and astrantia that came all the way from England with me when we moved.
Geranium cloud nine, a new variety.
The very generous gardener
Flowers for the house
This may be another picture of the generous gardener
This is one of my beautiful moss roses, I forget which one.
Ann Folkard romping away. She absolutely loves it here on our steep bank.
Another old rose. I’ve too many to remember which is which
A hydrangea I rescued last summer from a garden centre. Isn’t it lovely.
Astrantia seem to like it here, but only in a few shady spots, they don’t seem to like full sun here

Another rescued hydrangea. They also seem to love it here
My beautiful agapanthus
Helenium and ammi majus in our newly created bed


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